Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Language Project: Sample of Giving Directions Dialogue (Blog Entry 2)

Hi gangs! As promised earlier, below is the sample of giving directions dialogue taken from

Feel free to visit the blog. There are so much things to learn inside it!

Giving Directions

Bob: Excuse me, I'm afraid I can't find a bank. Do you know where one is?

Frank: Well, there are a few banks near here. Do you have a particular bank in mind?

Bob: I'm afraid I don't. I just need to withdraw some money from either a teller, or an ATM.

Frank: OK, that's easy.

Bob: I'm going by car.

Frank: Well, in that case, go straight ahead on this street until the third traffic light. Take a left there, and continue on until you come to a stop sign.

Bob: Do you know what the name of the street is?

Frank: Yes, I think it's Jennings Lane. Now, when you come to the stop sign, take the street on the left. You'll be on 8th Avenue.

Bob: OK, I go straight ahead on this street to the third traffic light. That's Jennings lane.

Frank: Yes, that's right.

Bob: Then I continue on to the stop sign and take a right on 8th Avenue.

Frank: No, take a left at the stop sign onto 8th Avenue.

Bob: Oh, thanks. What's next?

Frank: Well, continue on 8th Avenue for about 100 yards, past a supermarket until you come to another traffic light. Take a left and continue on for another 200 yards. You'll see the bank on the right.

Bob: Let me repeat that: I go about 100 yards, past a supermarket to the traffic light. I take a left and continue for another 200 yards. The bank is on the right.

Frank: Yes, that's it!

Bob: OK. Can I repeat this to see if I've understood everything?

Frank: Certainly.

Bob: Go straight ahead until the third traffic light. Take a left, and continue on to the stop sign. Turn left onto 8th Avenue.

Frank: Yes, that's right.

Bob: Go past the supermarket, to another traffic light, take the first left and I'll see the bank on the left.

Frank: Almost, you'll see the bank on the right, after 200 yards or so.

Bob: Well, thank you very much for taking the time to explain this to me!

Frank: Not at all. Enjoy your visit!

Bob: Thank you.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Language Project : Blog Review 1

Dear All,

I have already viewed all of the blogs . These are my comments. Please take appropriate actions:

1. There are some blogs which do not follow the requirements that I have outlined for your blog settings. For example the blog does not have logos (KPTM & MARA), Songs (KPTM & MARA), blog links and even title of the blog!

2. Some students do not write the first entry (About myself/Profile) - remember, marks for this particular entry is given individually! Late submission of the entry will result to deduction of 1 mark per day starting from today. Therefore, there are some students whose mark have been deducted by me.

p/s: Nur Hafizatul Imani : which group are you in?

Language Project: Sample of Self Introduction Essay (Entry 1)

  Below is a good sample of profile essay/self introduction essay for your first entry. The sample is taken from

 Feel free to learn from her writings!

My complete name is Adila Rokhmaniar Irlyna but people call me Dila. I was born on first August, 18 years ago. I spent 17 years in my hometown Lumajang with my beloved parents. I have just one brother. He is four year older than me. My father work at Education Departments and my mother besides taking care of household, she is a teacher in junior high school. My brother was studying at Law Faculty in Jember University since 3 years ago. I’m studying at there too, but I chose Public Health Faculty. When I’m in tenth grade, word “Public Health” is heard fascinating for me. It learns about society, health and something which called Epidemiology.  Public health is preventing, protecting and promoting health. It suggests people to keep health because preventing is better than treating. So it will decrease some diseases. I think it is honorable act. That’s why I chose Public Health. Moreover, I want to be a chief manager at hospital or work at Health Departments or may be a Ministry of Health.

          My whole world becomes different since I have graduated from High School. I’m doing all the things by myself. No parent, my life is completely mine. Managing me is the hardest thing that I ever known. It’s been a month I stayed in Jember. My everyday activities included going to campus, doing assignments, studying, available on social network, and hanging out. I want to join UKM again to waste my spare time. I ever join PSM, one of UKM but I was kicked by cause I couldn't survive at there. Other words, I'm not pass the second vocal test. I intend to expand my ability, dance.  I was growing up in art family. My aunties are dancer so do with my dad and my brother’s good in music.

            I have some interests. I’m totally enjoyed reading novels, I waste my pocket just to buy some novels. My favorite is novel by Danielle Steel. It gives me such great inspiration to knowing life, love and people. I also like to writing but I’m bad in mathematics. My brain is just getting slow when I demand it to count something. I’m a lazy, lounge, and moody person. My best is smile as always.

            My goals are pass each semester with the best result so that can make my parent proud, become helpful person for my family, friends, people and this country. I also want to get better in every subject, active in UKM, throw away my lazy time and be a professional. :)